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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Find Me (my sanity)

If you are a parent or have ever road tripped with a two year old you can appreciate this.

On a long drive home from Saint Paul, MN I had a marathon session of hide-n-seek with my two year old. Yes we were both belted into our seats.

Anyone who has ever played this game before knows that once a blanket is draped oh-so-delicately over your head, bare feet sticking straight out the front, you are (in fact) invisible to the mommy peering awkwardly around the front seat.

It was nice to get the occasional giggle as a hint or better yet "where's Cooper?" " UNDER THE BLANKET MOM!"


Blogger threefunnymonkeys said...

This is hilarious! Our car rides usually find us at our destination with a hoarse throat from singing the same songs over and over and yes, over again. If there is one in particular that's funny - watch out because you'll end up singing it at least a few hundred times. And J's favorite is hiding in the closet with just the slightest hint of fear you won't be able to find him so when you walk around saying, "J, where are you?" it's only a matter of seconds before you hear his little 3-year old voice say, "I'm in the closet Mom!"

Sunday, March 12, 2006 4:57:00 PM


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