A native Iowa Citian who returned to raise my family here, I find myself *far* more opinionated when it comes to everything from the restaurants to the city council. Here is my $.02.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005

What a year!

I am thankful for the following in 2005:
  • My husband for giving me a beautiful baby girl
  • Kevin and Britney for the endless entertainment
  • Two seasons of the Apprentice
  • One Martha Stewart Apprentice, prison time and a pretty flan for dessert. Thanks Martha.
  • Good people for support following hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados and last years tsunami
  • MTV for your trashy shows to keep me entertained while Matt traveled
  • Tony's grill for a year of tasty Sunday morning breakfasts
  • The guy who invented slippers with headlights that turn around corners as you do
  • C-sections
  • Blogs
  • Fast food joints offering apple slices and fruit as sides
  • Tom Cruise's media train wreck, that while quite sad, was oh-so-fun to watch
  • Rachel Ray; for your 30 minute meals, new mag, endless media appearances and $40 a day
  • Good vets who don't call you a bad owner even after your dog eats an entire diaper, 1 lb. chocolate bar and endless ziploc bags of toddler treats
  • Those same vets who give a 5% discount to us, friends and frequent visitors
  • Scoops; for picking up that same dogs poo out of our yard once a week. Best $6 a week we have ever spent
  • DVR
  • Cherry cordial Hershey Kisses
  • Babies; new baby girl of my own, new nephew and lots of friends who welcomed chubby little legs into the world this year
  • Price declines on things we love; IPODs, cell phones, tvs, dvd players (cheap cheap!)
  • Quality Consignment...Like my new part time job. I get paid for having good hand me downs.

Happy New Year to all! May your year be filled with joy, laughter, love, peace and health.